Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green vehicles just got greener

Toyota Motor Corp has made headway into making a vehicle composed of kelp and seaweed. What a wonderful effort in helping save the planet. Hopefully other automative manufacturers will take the hint and we can all be driving in a vehicle made from safe renewable resources:
The kelp car would build upon the already hypergreen 1/X plug-in hybrid concept, which weighs 926 pounds, by replacing its carbon-fiber body with plastic derived from seaweed. As wild as it might sound, bioplastics are becoming increasingly common and Toyota thinks it's only a matter of time before automakers use them to build cars.
Unfortunately, this "ultralight, superefficient plug-in hybrid with a bioplastic body made of seaweed" may end up in showrooms in some fifteen years. However this is a win for technology and innovation to help support a more green, a more organic Earth.

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