Monday, March 9, 2009

Boat made of recycled soda bottles will sail to Australia

Today's story on CNN makes an powerful statement on recycling. Recycling of course is an important part of everyday lives with the amount of waste that occurs constantly. Conservation should be on everybody's mind. Hopefully this stunt will raise awareness on the things that we can do to preserve the materials given to us by this Earth for our future generation of babies:
Imagine collecting thousands of empty plastic bottles, lashing them together to make a boat and sailing the thing from California to Australia, a journey of 11,000 miles through treacherous seas.


De Rothschild hopes his one-of-a-kind vessel, now being built on a San Francisco pier, will boost recycling of plastic bottles, which he says are a symbol of global waste. Except for the masts, which are metal, everything on the 60-foot catamaran is made from recycled plastic.

The boat will be powered on wind sails. Solar cells will be used to power electronic devices such as phones and laptops. All the material going into building the boat will be made of recycled materials.

The name of the ship is the Plastiki. It is set to sail on April out of San Francisco where it is being built and make it all the way to Australia. Bon voyage and God speed Plastiki!

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